Sunday, August 19, 2012

DIY Parties

I have had an urge lately to make something and throw a party. If I could pinpoint why it'd probably be because of this party. I'm in love. Here's the deal, I don't actually have any reason to be doing this. But here are pretty homemade party hats anyways. And come my birthday time, expect amazing things. (Yes, one of those people who plans their birthday party before they've even had their half birthday [Friday!].)

So what am I wanting to do for my birthday you ask?

 That TV that was supposed to go in your dorm is now on our back porch and it's awesome. So I was thinking for my birthday that we get down-comforters and hot chocolate/coffee/cider and heaters and have a movie night on the porch with my friends. Yes I know my birthday is in February, but I refuse to let that hold me back any longer! Also I suggested that we put Christmas lights out on the porch around the frames and then for my birthday probably also pennants. Eek so excited! This probably will come into effect way earlier like fall time movie nights with friends. 
I absolutely love this garland...or any garland really

Love love love. Something like this.

Inspired by this

Using blankets like this

Lights hung somewhat like this

Pom Poms hanging like this

Goody bags that look something like this

Love this

Ohh yeah

Probably any of these
And of course, the party hats.

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  1. Invite me to your party? I want to be a part of this. You are a genius!!!


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