Wednesday, August 15, 2012

no, the other story.

Today in literature class we read parts of two different stories. The first story is an exert from a book about George Washington 'retiring' as president. We read the first section and have more for homework later. The other story was about a guy who lived on an island and hunted people for sport. The second story was a short story; however, I am a dreadfully slow reader, so I did not get to finish the reading in class unlike most of my class.

So, in band I asked Sara, "Hey how does that story from lit end?"
                       She said. "Oh well he swims around and then he climbs a tree and then he climbs in to that guys window and-"
                       I started giggling and cut her off by saying, "No! No! Not George Washington! The other story!"
   You may not think this is very funny, but it was and when you think about ancient George Washington doing all those things instead of running the country, the humor becomes quite evident.

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