Friday, August 17, 2012

Oh, Awkward. We don't know that one. . .

      Today was the scrimmage! Translation: Band season is on! Also known as my first time playing in the stands as a saxophone! It was a blast. What a very good decision on my part to try and just go for the saxophone section. We were a little shaky on some things, such as umm, the national anthem. He'd said a few days before, 'I'm not sure if we'll be held responsible for this, but we should play it in case the man says, 'and now the marching band will be preforming the star spangled banner.'"
Waiting for us to play alma mater. Before we threw 'emm off!
      And that moment did come. "The marching band has been practicing very very hard so here they are to preform the star spangled banner." We all kind of laughed and awkwardly shuffled, and of course, it was awkward. But we made it through!

Then, at the very end, the cheerleaders and football team all came over to where the band stands in the stands and they all got ready for the Alma mater. And oh, yeah, never even sightread that one. It was really funny. So instead we started playing the fight song, That threw 'em off. Except for the football players didn't really get it because they stood in the same Alma mater position. Then, they apparently were still expecting us to play it so Mr. P. shewed them away. Oh, and P.S. we didn't win. 'I was surprised as you are!'

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  1. Sounds like a blast! Go ahead and learn the National Anthem and Alma will be asked to play that again. and again. and again. Glad you are having fun in band! I knew you would!


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