Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Party in Progress

Today in Ampersand, August and I made the most hilarious party hats for a friends surprise party. It was outrageous fun. August, a nice new kid named Ryan, and I all worked on them together, we are basically geniuses and it's a little shocking that party city hasn't started carrying our hats even though we just launched the Fall 2012 line. We were given 2 year old newspaper and then we went to town. We tried to make every hat as "special" and "awkward" as possible. How'd we do?
beautiful August 

Can you find me in the forest of party hats?

This hat has a cut out from an insurance add that says
"I've got service yes I do"
it also has a picture of a man on it.

Ryan came up with this idea. This may be my favorite.
The newspaper had all this football stuff so with the picture of
three quarter backs, he made it look like one was grabbing the other.

A finished product post party.

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  1. I miss this! Seeing these pictures of August make me so happy and sad at the same time! I'm glad I got to hand down some friends!
    and I LOVE what Ryan did with the football players! classic!


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