Monday, August 13, 2012

Roast! Roast! Roast! Roast!

Today in language arts, my teacher allowed us to pick out our own rules and consequences. We were split into tiny groups and we came brainstormed ideas. Then our ideas went with one group member to a another tiny group where they combined all our best suggestions. Next my friend Rexx presented the list in front of the class and our teacher made us vote on every single rule. We had a lot of good ideas like 'don't run with scissors' and 'smell good for others' but not everything passed (scissors didn't, smell did). Also 'follow the rules' was not passed as a rule....interesting.

One of my favorite ideas was the compliment sandwich. This means is you wish to criticize or insult a fellow classmate you have to first say a complement, then criticize and finally end with another complement. Sadly, this one did not pass as a rule, but it can be used as a personal decision.

Finally onto consequences, we had many great ideas. Think, brave card signatures (something we did in middle school, which would mean nothing in high school. And yes, yours truly came up with that one). A boy in my class tried to convince us spankings was a good investment, that one was shot down very very quickly. We finally decided on this set of rules that (yes, yes I know) I came up with.
In no particular order.

  1. Warning (in a gentle almost joking tone)
  2. Warning (firm serious tone)
  3. Talk with the teacher (in front of the class to embarrass that student)
  4. Private teacher decision
  5. A roast of the student
Now, you must be wondering, so let me explain number 5. The roast, yup, you read that right. Because our class all voted in favor my teacher said it was fine. Her comment was 'now this won't be bullying will it?' We all said of course not (of course). It's nothing more then a way to get that student back in line and a way for us to have fun. None of us can wait for the day that a child in my class will be roasted. Yippee for choosing your own rules!

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