Saturday, August 18, 2012


Today was SkyZone day! After a quick choir rehearsal, we drove up to the Gwinett area and jumped around for about an hour. It was very fun and quite exhausting. SkyZone had this (unintentionally) hilarious safety video which you must see go to SkyZone. I'm expecting to see ginormous calves and quads after all that jumping!  But now I can check it off the bucket list!


Yours truely
See some awesome action shots after the break!

Cousin Jessie

Into the foam pit!

My friend Lauren

Josh jumping off the side-wall trampolines
And in the background, you can see where Josh fell

My friend Walt 

This was a funny looking model on a poster. As I was getting ready to take my picture, a SkyZone worker came up and gave me this weird look and I was like, "oh umm, yeah I just think this guys face is kind of funny." And he just kind of shook his head and kept walking. 
So what did you do this weekend, darling?!

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