Thursday, August 23, 2012


the initial surprise
Here are some pictures from the surprise party we had for my friend Caylee on Wednesday!

Fixing up those rockin' party hats!

Sara in a dunce cap- I mean party hat!

This guy has one awkwardly shaped head. Therefore, it was
a three person job to get his hat to finally stay!

Button down shirt day!!!

unicorn fight

best picture ever of my friend Andy-Kate

the good thing about these hats are they also
double as a place to set your cup when you
are done!

Sleepy me

the birthday girl

sweet hats

oh boy

hehe Rexx looks high (but was not)

good birthday

Crazy Kay and Silly Sara (haha)

then a butterfly joined the fun!

it was wishing happy birthday I'm sure

I swear they're not gay


looking out the window

We call Rexx Fabio when he forgets to button the top button

almost all of the group. Happy birthday!

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