Friday, August 24, 2012

The Party don't Start 'till I walk in!

bandathon! bandathon! bandathon! I am party girl, that is all. It was so much fun! Lots of mosh pits, lots of swaying, lots of jumping up and down, and lawnmowering, and patty caking.....yup! Tony and I did the patty cake to the beat of just about every song. The best part hands down is the roll it and pat it part. Go band! Lots of good music that I belted out (one direction, hehe). Playing a little on Zach's ukulele, fun, one that actually works unlike my defected one! I looked just like a little French girl. hehe. Well, this is SUCH a scattered post because I'm still in a dancing mode! Can't wait for next bandathon! P.S. I ate all the broccoli single handed.

My purse dog. Sadly, she could not go to bandathon seeing as
how she doesn't play anything band. 

Me, Amy, and Emily

August was a magician and Heidi was her sexy assistant. 

Sara wants to work at waffle house (haha)
I kept joking her about smoke breaks. Also we chanted waffle
when we did not know the lyrics.

Cole came as a daddy and carried around this baby doll. So,
naturally Emily, Sara, and I had the task of
changing her. Because that's what women are for! 
The fam! Haha. Oh and yes Emily was a wrestler.

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