Sunday, September 30, 2012

They Have Fingernails. Fingernails Really?

Today we went to go see Katherine and her lovely family. She is so precious and has the tiniest little fingernails! Andrew is a proud and crazy big brother who is convinced her name is Katherine Iguana. When I was holding Katherine, Andrew came up to me and gave us a pacifier and blanket in case she needed it. So sweet! We also got to see their new house which is so pretty and perfect for them!
Little Iguana and I

Mom, the baby whisperer. As soon as Katherine was placed
in Mom's arms she stopped all her crying. 

Andrew wrote me this note on the paper he passed out to each of us. 
Andrew also went around and passed out paper (sticky notes) by giving us one and saying "paper". It was very cute. Then he came around and wrote scribbled messages on them for us. After he completed this task he got a brown paper and made more scribbles but while saying distinct letters with the exception of "elem" and "enno". After this he told us that no he didn't write the alphabet, just the letters. He must have been very proud because then he tried to glue it on their freshly painted wall. What a cute (in the words of dad) little motor scooter!

August is Ridiculous down at the Savannah

August and Savannah are two crazy and wonderful girls. And they are kind of the same person in a fun fun way. Love these girls so very much.
Also I incorporated their names into one sentence, oh what fun...

When Your Mom is Amazing

Mom likes to surprise me with gifts and I like to except them. It's always something marching band related. E.g. for first game I got a balloon and cute school cup that I'm using while writing this post! Oh wow! Tonight I came home and there was a tee shirt for the competition we competed at and a  little note! Thanks for being wonderful Mom! 

Thursday, September 27, 2012


I desperately want to draw these things. If our printer was working, I'd print it off and bring to art to try my hand out. Goodness, I've been head (or should I say hair!) over heels for the hair drawing. Just stunning.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I Thought Somebody was Barbecuing!

This. The video among band students right now. Thanks Miners.
Let me just say, I love that Jesus is holding or is a dinosaur, I mean obviously...

The More I Listen, The Deeper I Sink

Band members. The lead singer's name is Asa,
that's how I can tell how much I already love this
band. One of the perfect boy names!
My awesome friend Savannah introduced me to this band called Electric Guest and I love them! The title of this post is from their song "This Head I Hold".
(Sorry about the album cover, I can't help what they pick to sell music with.)


I don't know about you, but I think the promotion to vote among musicians is such a cute and good thing.
Andrew Bird (who I get to go see next

The Black Keys

The Punch Brothers (who I get to see in a few weeks!)
Also these pro politics Toms are so appealing!


Emily just sent me this after I sent her this (which is pale in comparison).

After she sent it to me I messaged her and was like, "Emily, you are dashing in these photos!"

I tried to include a picture, but couldn't get it to work right, but trust me, this is something you don't want to miss....

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

You Know You Can Call Me, I'll Be There Shortly.

I've been interested in iPhone's lately. I think I would really enjoy having one. It would be easy social media access, a.k.a. better blog pics! And good for sharing things with friends. However, it has SO much on it. Not only is technology terrifying, but also touchscreens are temperamental and they get all smudgy. Also, auto-correct can be super annoying, I mean yeah, sometimes funny, but mostly super annoying. I would run the risk of getting glued to it and I would really, really, love to avoid that. However, I am due for an upgrade and iPhones are very cheap right now.

So then why do I want one? Maybe it all boils down these two reasons. Like I said, better blog pictures, but also.....


Just a little something to keep you entertained...
Also, please let me know if/when you do these or at least some.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Two Birds on a Wire

I think I want to have a beautiful backyard with weeping willows and plenty of unusual birdhouses. There was a booth at the Indie Craft Parade that had absolutely lovely birdhouses. Check more out here.  Aside from being awesome as is, they have incredibly charming names.



The Red Cowboy

P.S. These are from Pinterest and they rule. 

All the Things!

This made me think of you....

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Well was I ever so surprised when I saw my picture on the Indie Craft Parade Blog today! What a fun startle! 

This is the photo to look for. Wow, I feel like a celebrity, even though none of my friends will really know what I'm talking about when I try to brag....

Cabin in the Woods

These houses from eplans are beautiful! I would love to have any of these. 

Cabin fever.

A Thinker

Pretty Clever via Tumblr.

Monday, September 17, 2012

September Days Are the Greatest Days of the Year

Okay, September really has never been that fun for me. It just seems like a waste. Other then all my great friends who have birthdays during this month.....but other then that, woof. Boo September. I cannot cannot cannot wait until October! My favorite! So, here are dozens of pumpkins to inspire you.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Does This Make Me Lame?

I am in love with the chorus of this song. And yeah I am an ELO fan. Does this make me lame?
It sounds very 60's and I don't know just gorgeous and I associate it with a fun and good but also retrospectively sad memory. Incredibly bittersweet. 

And Sometimes Your Car Gets Saran Wrapped

If you've ever wondered what Eric's car would like wrapped in over 2,000 yards of saran wrap, well then you've stumbled upon the correct blog. Thank you youth group guys for doing things like this on camp out while the rest of us are sleeping at around 3 am. 

Etsy Find

Today I stumbled upon these adorable little cards on Etsy. What a fun discovery. 

Love this stationary!

My favorite

See more here. Have a great day.