Sunday, September 30, 2012

They Have Fingernails. Fingernails Really?

Today we went to go see Katherine and her lovely family. She is so precious and has the tiniest little fingernails! Andrew is a proud and crazy big brother who is convinced her name is Katherine Iguana. When I was holding Katherine, Andrew came up to me and gave us a pacifier and blanket in case she needed it. So sweet! We also got to see their new house which is so pretty and perfect for them!
Little Iguana and I

Mom, the baby whisperer. As soon as Katherine was placed
in Mom's arms she stopped all her crying. 

Andrew wrote me this note on the paper he passed out to each of us. 
Andrew also went around and passed out paper (sticky notes) by giving us one and saying "paper". It was very cute. Then he came around and wrote scribbled messages on them for us. After he completed this task he got a brown paper and made more scribbles but while saying distinct letters with the exception of "elem" and "enno". After this he told us that no he didn't write the alphabet, just the letters. He must have been very proud because then he tried to glue it on their freshly painted wall. What a cute (in the words of dad) little motor scooter!


  1. Iguana!!! I love it!! I can't wait to meet little Iguana and see sweet Andrew again!

  2. whose baby is that? it is so perfect and cute looking!!!!!

    1. That is my confirmation mentors 2nd child. Just about a week or two old.


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