Tuesday, September 25, 2012

You Know You Can Call Me, I'll Be There Shortly.

I've been interested in iPhone's lately. I think I would really enjoy having one. It would be easy social media access, a.k.a. better blog pics! And good for sharing things with friends. However, it has SO much on it. Not only is technology terrifying, but also touchscreens are temperamental and they get all smudgy. Also, auto-correct can be super annoying, I mean yeah, sometimes funny, but mostly super annoying. I would run the risk of getting glued to it and I would really, really, love to avoid that. However, I am due for an upgrade and iPhones are very cheap right now.

So then why do I want one? Maybe it all boils down these two reasons. Like I said, better blog pictures, but also.....
Society 6 has the CUTEST covers. (Beware, I posted so many of these, note: That was not the original plan) And, I really want one...

My fav, obviously because of what I
hope to do...

 More pros: cool accessories, and my music would be all right there.

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