Monday, October 29, 2012


Every now and then I just go onto IMDB and watch upcoming movie trailers. It's really fun but you should know it's also highly addictive. You just want to watch more and more trailers. Well, I poked around and found this movie that came out in 2010 called Happythankyoumoreplease. 
It looks really good and like something we'd like, plus, it's supposed to have really good music. What do you say when you visit for Thanksgiving/Christmas/whatever we run down to Vision Video and have a movie night? I'll go ahead and take the liberty of answering that..

You: Yes!
Me: Oh marvelous! I cannot wait!
You: Yeah me either! I'm so glad I have such a cool little sister who finds cool movies for us to watch!
Me: As you should be. Also, I'm glad to have a cool older sister who watches them with me!
You: Yea! We're wonderful and cool!
Me: Well said.

Here's the trailer for this movie I speak of..
Can't wait! Plus...

1,825 Answers

This little book found on Modcloth is such a cute idea. It asks you a question every day that you answer for five years. This reminds me of when Mom had a similar idea; however, it didn't quite work out for us and was left unfinished. Wouldn't it be cool to have this file for years to come (spoiler alert: the answer's yes).
Buy it here.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


I do this weird thing in art sometimes where I get board and draw people in my art class and they don't know. I have many portraits and profiles that they do not know exist  It's kind of like a funny joke that only I and whoever I tell are in on. I drew this one of a kid a while ago and was so proud at how well it captured the essence of him for being so quickly and carelessly done. You probably think the story ends here right, well, no today I was going through band photos, and this so closely matched what I drew that I stared at it for an awkwardly inappropriate amount of time. So here, consider yourself in on the joke.

An Artist a Day

These artist a day note cards are precious. There are various artist cut-outs on note cards and also inspirational quote stickers.  On my Christmas List. 

To the Funny Farm!

Today for youth we went to the Pumpkin Patch/Corn Maze! It was so good to be there! I love the corn maze. Corn Maze/Pumpkin Patch IS fall for me. I love it at night, I love it in day. It's just wonderful. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Here's what I've been dreaming about.

I am crushing big time on the website Obaz. Please feel free to get me any or maybe all (haha) of these things for Christmas/birthday. 


Emily, Me, Zach, and Sara

Yay homemade matching costumes!

This morning the band put on the annual Band on the Run 5k. We all got to dress in costumes and play music for the runners. It was really fun. Emily, Sara, and I all dressed as sheep and Zach dressed as our shepherd! We were all the cutest, obviously. At one point we switched which direction we were playing and Zach had to herd me to my spot. Also, for the drum cadence where we all scream "Ah", Emily, Sara, and I were all screaming "bah!"

Precious August
August was the Cheshire cat.
Furry tail!

Tony, MD.

Savannah, Ms. Potato head 
After we finished, some of us went to the playground. Yay for band events!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

They Always Wear White After Labour Day.

Forgot to post this with my Halloween costume debacle. . .
Be sure to read the descriptions. Too good.
Hilarity and honesty have never gone so hand in hand as they do with this. 

Thanksgiving is a lot of Work.

Barbara Parks came out with a new book.
Let me let you sink that in...

Today I was at the elementary school doing tutoring and they had a bookfair up in the library and what caught my eye? None other then a BRAND NEW JUNIE B. JONES FIRST GRADER BOOK! Wow! And we thought she was all done! The last Junie B. book that was published was in 2006 and now it's 2012 and Junie B. and all her friends are still working on first grade. Logistics don't matter. What does it...
THE LEGEND CONTINUES! This is a must read obviously. I'm so excited.
If you go to Amazon you can read the first few pages. Eek! I was telling everyone I saw about this. This and the fact that all three Cheetah Girls Movies are on Netflix. I know my near future plans!

New Halloween idea....
Also upon all my excitement  I have discovered a number of friends who went to the Cheetah Girls concert years ago when Hannah Montana wasn't big. In fact, Hannah Montana was the opening act. Ridiculously jelly.
P.S. Cheetah Girls Tumblr. 

This Celery Can Play the Harpsichord.

Marc Johns has the most hilarious style. Honestly. Check it out. Turns out Marc Johns also creates for Tattly! And I thought I was new to his work! Click on the pictures if you can't read the caption, because trust me, the captions are worth reading. Also he made this which I've loved for quite a while.
The series with all the crazy food captions was created because Marc John's wife apparently gets frustrated with false claims made by food companies. Good one Marc!

The Great Pumpkin Run

Forrest Gump Costume.
Very 5k appropriate!
This weekend is the "Band on the Run 5k". We all have to dress up in costumes and I have no clue  what to be! I normally turn to DIY children's costumes as inspiration. Perhaps this is why I asked the third grader I tutor what I should be this morning. He says he's going to be a scary werewolf. :)
I have loved this costume for at least a year. It'd be fun to make and cute and I could use it in years to come. 

This could work. Maybe I could do this with
some friends?
I think I would feel more comfortable doing something with friends. I kind of have the attitude of "I really want to participate, but we just had spirit week."

This too. Easy! And cute!


This is just really cute...

A flower!

Peacock! Could do this with ease. 
So, what do you think? Any ideas? What have you always wanted to be?
P.S. This man was toilet paper. Which makes me think of this.

Don't Text and Drive

So funny yet so dark.

Saw this in band class...

Monday, October 22, 2012

I've Been a Moonshiner for Seventeen Long Years

This is ah-mazing. They preformed this as their last song at the concert Thursday and it was gorgeous! So glad I could find one of their performances of Moonshiner.
They also preformed Sweet Georgia Rose for one of their encore songs and it was so good! This is the actual performance from Thursday, and, I was standing in about the spot this was recorded in!
Also just found this song and I'm even more in love with Chris Thile if I wasn't at the max already.


Take a look at these precious save the dates from the fabulous Etsy shop FlapperDoodle. So love these!

And That's Against Sky Code.

Today I stumbled upon the tumblr site Daily Odd Compliment. It is the most hilariously wonderful way to throw people off guard with kindness.
The way random sentences are tagged on the end and the very real use of the word 'like' make these hysterical.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Friday Night

Jess, me, and Mary Mason

Photo bombing extraordinaires

"Lord help the mister who comes between me and my sister"

Heidi, Marianne, Mary Mason, August, and Me

What a crazy yet wonderful weekend.

Friday, October 19, 2012


So tonight was Punch Brothers.
It was so amazing! Of course....
They preformed favourites like This Girl, Patchwork Girlfriend, Don't Get Married Without Me, Missy, Next to the Trash, Rye Whiskey, Kid A, Hundred Dollars, Movement and Location, New York City...etc.

The Punch Brothers just released a new EP called Ahoy! And Chris Thile would lift his cup throughout the night and say Ahoy! And everyone would chant Ahoy! back!

Jess, Me, Laney, and Alana
I hung out with Laney mostly because we got squished in the swarming crowd together. I loved getting to know her better tonight! Also Jess's friend Alana came with us. She was really sweet and I'm glad she was able to come with us. We also ran into one our old youth intern Meghan! It was so good to get to see her again! Thanks Punch Brothers for another amazing Athens performance!

Wish me luck with getting up tomorrow! Pep rally bright and early!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkin Muffins!

Mom made pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips and they are stupendous. Absolutely heavenly. In every bite. Chocolate chip pumpkin muffins + Russian tea = Parrish's food fantasy. Have a wonderful Wednesday!