Friday, October 19, 2012


So tonight was Punch Brothers.
It was so amazing! Of course....
They preformed favourites like This Girl, Patchwork Girlfriend, Don't Get Married Without Me, Missy, Next to the Trash, Rye Whiskey, Kid A, Hundred Dollars, Movement and Location, New York City...etc.

The Punch Brothers just released a new EP called Ahoy! And Chris Thile would lift his cup throughout the night and say Ahoy! And everyone would chant Ahoy! back!

Jess, Me, Laney, and Alana
I hung out with Laney mostly because we got squished in the swarming crowd together. I loved getting to know her better tonight! Also Jess's friend Alana came with us. She was really sweet and I'm glad she was able to come with us. We also ran into one our old youth intern Meghan! It was so good to get to see her again! Thanks Punch Brothers for another amazing Athens performance!

Wish me luck with getting up tomorrow! Pep rally bright and early!

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