Saturday, October 27, 2012


Emily, Me, Zach, and Sara

Yay homemade matching costumes!

This morning the band put on the annual Band on the Run 5k. We all got to dress in costumes and play music for the runners. It was really fun. Emily, Sara, and I all dressed as sheep and Zach dressed as our shepherd! We were all the cutest, obviously. At one point we switched which direction we were playing and Zach had to herd me to my spot. Also, for the drum cadence where we all scream "Ah", Emily, Sara, and I were all screaming "bah!"

Precious August
August was the Cheshire cat.
Furry tail!

Tony, MD.

Savannah, Ms. Potato head 
After we finished, some of us went to the playground. Yay for band events!

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