Saturday, October 13, 2012


I forgot something oh so important on my Christmas List this year! A Calender! Here are some pretty options. (I will accept more then one :) ). All are from Felt and Wire or Etsy.
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From Etsy


Jaunty Animals calendar.
Mustaches Calender. So cute. Includes Mario and Freddie Mercury. Possibly my favourite.
Circles Calender
Little details calenders. 
Scrap Fabric Dot Calender

Eye Poetry Calender (LOVELOVELOVE this)

Peacock Calender. 
Geometric Shapes Calender 

Bold Fabric Calender (SO GORGEOUS!)

Mountain Calender (so amazing!)
Canvas Feather Calender
2013 Will Be.. Calender
2013 Geometric Calender

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