Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Days of the Week

Have you heard the Day of the Week song? Well, it's terrible so spare yourself if you haven't, but it gave me an idea....

Everyday this week I am posting something about the day that it is for my Facebook status. Why? Sometimes you just need a little something to get you excited (no matter how lame it is). Some songs are just hard to choose though! If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear, but here's what I've been thinking...

Today I posted                  "Some people wake up on Monday mornings

Barring maelstroms and red flare warnings
With no explosions and no surprises
Perform a series of exercises"
Andrew Bird

Tuesday: "Oh I love you on a Tuesday Moon"
Neutral Milk Hotel

Wednesday: "Wednesday morning at 5 o'clock as the day begins...."
The Beatles

Thursday: "Sweet Thursday is calling me back up to Monterrey"
Matt Costa

Friday: "Gotta Get Down on Friday" 
Rebecca Black (obviously)
or maybe
"Friday's Child...Am I"
Nancy Sinatra
"Today I might be mad. Tomorrow I'll be glad. I've got Friday on my mind."
David Bowie

Saturday: "Saturday sun came early one morning in a sky so clear and blue"
Nick Drake
"And I've been waiting such a long time for Saturday"

Sunday: "I do all my Sunday dreaming, oh yeah. And all my Sunday scheming every minute, every hour, every day"
Etta James
"Sunday morning rain is falling"
Maroon 5
"Sunday night when I cleaned the house. I found the card where you wrote it out, with the picture of your mother"
Sufjan Stevens

Well that's all for now folks.

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