Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Great Pumpkin Run

Forrest Gump Costume.
Very 5k appropriate!
This weekend is the "Band on the Run 5k". We all have to dress up in costumes and I have no clue  what to be! I normally turn to DIY children's costumes as inspiration. Perhaps this is why I asked the third grader I tutor what I should be this morning. He says he's going to be a scary werewolf. :)
I have loved this costume for at least a year. It'd be fun to make and cute and I could use it in years to come. 

This could work. Maybe I could do this with
some friends?
I think I would feel more comfortable doing something with friends. I kind of have the attitude of "I really want to participate, but we just had spirit week."

This too. Easy! And cute!


This is just really cute...

A flower!

Peacock! Could do this with ease. 
So, what do you think? Any ideas? What have you always wanted to be?
P.S. This man was toilet paper. Which makes me think of this.

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  1. I WANT TO DO THE OWL ONE!!! I saw it when we were making the band room into Hogwarts and it seems pretty do-able!
    LOVE the garden gnome (duh.)
    and OMG THE TOILET PAPER. But for real, that is what I will get everyone for Christmas this year. inappropriate? i laugh in your face.


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