Wednesday, October 10, 2012

This is My Grown-Up Christmas List

I feel like a grown-up making a Christmas list. I can hardly think of things I want! From personal experience whenever you ask a grown-up what they want they're just like, "nothing, being with my family is the best present I could have" of course every child's thought is "what kind of crap is that? Just tell me what you want!" But I'm really just a boring grown-up now because I just don't know! Everything is so expensive!

Here's a few things though if I must...

In slate gray
Ashley Buchanan ring in slate gray. When you click on the price it takes you to the shopping cart.
This movie which I can almost guarantee you will not be in stores so go to Amazon or Walmart online. (Just make sure to get DVD not Blu Ray).
Many Thanks
Thank you letterpress cards in various languages. Made in Atlanta! From the shop Concrete Lace.
This tee shirt from Fuzzy Ink. Women's small or medium. 
These printed Toms by The Matt Butler. Women's 6.
I absolutely love these earrings. From the shop RachelWilder.
Mindy Kaling book. 

And CDs...or maybe a girftcard to Barnes and Noble would be easier....
Andrew Bird-The Swimming Hour

Young the Giant

She and Him Volume One or Two

Margot and the Nuclear So and So's - Not Animal

Freelance Whales

Black Keys-Brothers (obviously)

(500) Days Of Summer Soundtrack

I also would appreciate tempera paints from an art store and good paper/canvases, and of course those sweaters previously mentioned!

Especially in love with these!
Ahh! Knee Patches Love!
Tights from ModCloth.
Leggings from ModCloth.
This sweater which I've been drooling over for a while. 

This amazing shirt! Lovely.
A nice ukulele and tuner such as this.
$Price Varies
These incredibly me shoes!
This dress in a small or medium. 

And anything else obviously me. Happy shopping! That was easier than I thought!

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