Sunday, November 4, 2012

Children of the Corn

I went to the corn maze tonight with Emily, Zach, and Sara. It was a party, obviously...
Heart to heart. 


Cow in the headlights

Sara, Zach, and Emily

me, Sara, and half of Emily

La Nouba pose. 

Haha Sara...

Star gazing

Sara and I
We were on a stack of hay. but you can't really tell...

Giant rocking chair

Emily is a wonderful photographer, hire her for all of your picture needs. 

Emily and Zach had never been to the corn maze so Sara and I gave them the full corn maze experience. And it was wonderful. In the corn maze there was a challenge to create your own song or chant so we made a rap and it was boss. It earned us two pieces of candy each WOW!
"So we're at the corn maze 
and it's really cool
but you can't pick the corn and that's a rule.
She's Sara, Parrish, Emily, I'm Zach.
We thought we were lost but now we're back.
We have one request 'cause we're the best
So we'll take a seat 'til you give us a treat."
Vocal: So Miner
Beats: Emily 
Random Corn Shouts and Clapping: Parrish
Other crap: Sara




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