Friday, November 2, 2012

One More 'Gin

Tonight was the NOHS v. OCHS football game. It was really fun, not in the way like "oh hey we won!" but in the way of "oh hey August v. Zach rap battles in the stands!" August likes to copy songs and Zach likes to start everything with "So..." therefore earning him the rap name "So Miner".
August and I at the last home game last week.
A lot of dumb things had led up to tonight's game e.g. Our school getting vandalized many a times (2) and random stuff like that. The administrators finally decided that we weren't allowed to cross over onto each others sides (wah wah). But, being in the band being all special, I of course got to go over there (it ended up being a bust, but hey, never know unless you try?).

Also, tonight was our last performance. Wow so sad. Just one more game... One more 'gin.


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    1. The big sign at our stadium that lists all our sponsers and the lunchroom windows.


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