Sunday, November 18, 2012

Woody the Dog

I ran across this precious tumblr. This little pup named Woody "works at tumblr and likes sitting on chairs". What a cutie.

I love this :

hacknyc asked: Who is your human? What breed are you? You are probably the sweetest dog I have met.
Hello!  My human is giteshg.  I picked him up from a rescue a couple of years ago.. pretty decent, slightly damaged.
I’m a mut of sorts so my breed is somewhat unknown. I know that there is a lot of english cocker spaniel in my genes.  Some say I have a bit of rottweiler (my brown eyebrows), maybe some poodle and a lot of dashingly handsome Tom Hanks.
I could do the thing to find out but that sounds like effort.

Remember this Woody?

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