Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fine Arts

Tonight our school put on the first fine arts showcase. Dance classes, chorus groups, winter-guard (who did so well, you'd be proud), various band ensembles, and the band preformed. Also, art from the art classes were on display and I don't mean to toot my own horn (oh wow band and bragging pun!) but my art was hanging up and was very impressive-like (haha awkward....commenting on something you did yourself...).
Sara, Me, Emily, Zach with my drawing
 Okay I have to defend my awkward pose here...
Emily had her arm over the top and so I had mine on the bottom and we looked hilarious...but also like rockstars. And then she moved her hand and I just looked suuuuper awkward... You know it happens though. Besides all that though, we look rather sharp wouldn't you agree?
Savannah, Me, Karena
I love these two girls like crazy. I want to go back...I love everyone in this post like crazy! Wonderful people! But more relevant to the picture: Savannah and Karena wore matching dresses and Karena and I wore matching hairbows, so basically we all matched and no one could tell us apart. :)

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