Monday, December 17, 2012

Simplifying Christmas

I've always loved wrapping presents for birthdays, Christmas, surprises, whatever. There's one picture I keep in my room (which is rare. I don't like having many pictures in my room) of me wrapping a present for my grandmother around age 4 or 5. I always feel so crafty wrapping gifts! Everyone used to think my mom wrapped my friends' presents! But no. It was I.

This year, instead of using our pretty wrapping paper my mom picked up for friend gifts, I decided to go my own route. I wrapped the surprises in a very Parrish fashion using old maps and homemade snowflakes. It was a lot easier and cheaper. I already had the old maps. Plus, it added a very personal touch and everyone thought it was really neat. Most of my friends tried to preserve and keep their map section!

So how do you wrap gifts? I've loved exploring wrapping ideas via Pinterest.

8 days until Christmas!!!!

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