Sunday, December 30, 2012


Tonight I made myself read another chunk of my drivers Manuel! Power through! Of course it was accompanied by superb music and this selfie.

You may notice that this book is different from other drivers books you'd pick up from the state office and you are correct. I have a somewhat personalized version via Savannah. She wrote funny notes and pictures in it to motivate me to learn! It's been a hilarious and life inspiring journey (eh... :) ) I highly suggest this form of studying, having a friend who already did the work colour your book and make it more fun. Thank The Lord for funny friends.
Disclaimer: This did not start out as a while bunch of Savannah drivers Ed comedy material, but it has taken a turn that way (+1 for pun!). So enjoy and maybe you'll learn a thing or two as well! Also, something you should know is out favourite driving catch line is "I always wear my seatbelt because YOLO!" It's scribbled everywhere in this thing! :)

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