Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What's in a Name?

Yesterday the annual baby names list was blogged about on A Cup of Jo. Even Ellen talked about baby names on her show yesterday! So I got to thinking about my current list of favourite baby names. Savannah and I shared favourite names with each other in math today too! So, here are adorable hipster children and my choice names to match them. 

 I'd name this little cutie Ivan Noam. Which I consider to be one of the few perfect boy names (why are they so dreadful?). Ivan because I love it and you don't always need a reason to love things and Noam because it's awesome and also Noam Pickelny in the Punch Brothers.
 I'd call this little girl Piper Iris and call her Iris.
 If I had boy/girl twins, I'd name the girl Margot Eva and the little boy Mason Asa. They would be called Eva and Asa. (Margot from Margot and the Nuclear So and So's and like Max Wagner's wife, and Angela Hardison's precious daughter). (Mason because family name duh and Asa because it's one of those perfect boy names and also the lead singer of Electric Guest).
I really like the name Effie Raquel. Call her either, both are cool.
This little heart-breaker shall be dubbed Andrew Opal and be called Opie. (Andrew: Andrew Bird, Andrew Belle, Andrew Caldwell and you could argue a bunch of random presidents too).

I'm also a fan of the name Whitney Tatum. I suppose this really could work for a boy or a girl. That's pretty handy. (Our labor of love and Whitney Deal). If it were a little girl she'd go by Tatum, but the little boy would go by Whitney.
I also really like the names Elodie, Eloise, and Eileen recently (triplets?). They would be Elodie Kay, Ivy Eloise, and Lucy Eileen. Going by Eloise, Elodie, and Eileen.
Okay, so this is a little strange but I love the name Lion for a little boy ever since hearing it here. I told Savannah this today and she was so funny. "You and your hipster children, Parrish" she said. Ha! His first name would probably be Elliot because that is one of the limited gorgeous boy names. But I would call him by Lion. I could see this name through all stages of life...cute little baby, to crazy toddler, even middle school and high school I see it being fine, I mean he's basically destined to be a legendary Glisson counselor right? And that's all a parent can hope for.
This miss-priss would probably be Sophie Brooke and call her Sophie. And we would call her Sopha just because that's the cutest nickname, but only her family. And Brooke after Mom, and me kind of haha...
I would like for my kids to have names that are uncommon; however, if they are popular then let it be. I used to hate hate hate having a different name. Now that I'm older though I LOVE it. It's like being in a secret club! I only know of five other Parrish's!
Bridget is a really cute name too, but it would never make it into my top names just because there are names I like more.
I could see this little girl being a Charlotte. I think that is such a cute name and it needs to be used more!
If I had twin girls I would call them Aubry Sage and Athena Grear. They would go by Aubry and Athena. 
My triplets girls names are my favourites (this includes my other recently thought of triplet names, I just decided to favourite those too). Zooey Camden (although I'm searching for a new name to replace Camden based on the fact that I want to name a little boy Cameron so badly. And Zooey comes from Zooey Deschanel (obviously!)), Joanna Wyn, and Aubry Grear (assuming that I wouldn't have twins before). They would go by Zooey, Aubry, and Joanna.
Last one! Hang in there! You did so good reading all of this!
I would name this miniature cool cat Cameron Venn and call him Cameron. I don't know why but Cameron seems to be one of the perfect boy names to me, it always has... I also love the names Easton Ridley (Easton) and Ellington Penn (Eli) (boy twins?). I'd like to incorporate Ridley or Penn somehow to honour the grandpops'. I've thought about Penny for a girl because I love that name and it could be honouring Grandman. Just what I've been thinking.

I think it's really interesting to see how times change and opinions change and how times contribute to the changing of opinions. Who knows, maybe I'll meet someone by each of these names and decide I could never even think of carrying on the namesake of such a human. I have time to change many many time. So plan to be surprised right? What names do you like?

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