Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Not A Sunshine Day

Today was not a fun day. This line from (500) Days of Summer kept running through my brain. Not really because I'm suffering persay but because it's funny and somewhat relateable. Why must school and social situations put so much stress on people?

Tomorrow will be kinder? Lord please say it's true!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Small Trip, Big Trip. Band Trip, Fun Trip!

Tonight at the end of practice Mr. Provost announced where we are going for our small band trip! I am so excited! We already kind of had an idea but I'm still thrilled. We are leaving on Easter afternoon (think three p.m.) and coming back I think Wednesday. Ahh so excited! Oh yeah this is where we are going...


I love Mindy Kaling. I still have it on my list to read her book when I can. I had forgotten that she was going to have her own show on Fox this season. Yay! Well I stumbled upon the opportunity yesterday to watch the first episode and I cannot wait! Ahh so excited!

Watch here!

Mouse Rat

I cannot wait for Parks and Rec to start the new season! I recently found out that Chris Pratt who plays Andy is married to Anna Ferris from House Bunny and they had a little baby, the other day, named Jack. Wow, had no clue!

Speaking of Andy and Parks and Rec....
Sara was in New York this passed weekend to move Jenifer into NYU. While they were there, they stopped into the NBC shop and Sara got me the Mouse Rat button! Yay! Of course, it actually is not a button but is instead a bottle opener magnet. But, I'm going to convert it one to put on my book bag! Needless to say, I'm jazzed.

Zach, Emily, Sara, and I were talking about Parks and Rec in band and Zach mentioned this shirt, which I've considered getting Sara before. Pretty great. It has all the previous names for mouse rat. Love it!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Speaking of being in love with the Indie Craft Parade. Check out these precious drawings by Cory Godbey that were considered to be Hugo. Love the one they went with.
Also, they are teaching a class where you make garlands, look at that map garland! In love! Of course, I already kind of know how to do this, to prove this I could show you the map garland I made in my bedroom or the paper heart garland in the hallway. The woman who teaches it will be Erin Godbey, who is the wife of the artist of Hugo and the co-founder of ICP. Also she runs the blog 17 Dove Street. Also she's the one I bought those cute earrings from last year. So yes, basically she rules. 
More ICP hype posts to come. Not to rub it in your face, but simply because this is what is getting me through the school day. Oh I just can't wait .. to be king? Nah, to go to Greenville!

Oh Darling, Let's Collect Thousands of Art Pieces from Local Artists that Match My Room and that don't Match my room for the joy of Supporting Artisans and Having Lovely, Lovely Mini Masterpieces.

I found something I like...

How wonderful would this look in my room?! Obsessed! This artist is going to be at the Indie Craft Parade. I'm already saving all the money I can get. I am pumped! I drew the mascot, Hugo, in art the other day and I'm going to see if Mom will consider letting me volunteer to help out. ICP is my favorite day of the year. However, it will be a little sad not having you there. I'm having a really tough time trying to think of someone I want to bring. We'll see how it all works out. For now, join in my gawking at this lovely piece.
The map of Greenville, (which I LOVE, both maps and
Greenville), the bicycle (which I long for), and the shades
ofyellow (which would complement the many shades in my
room). Love love love this one. And it's cheaper then you'd

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Think Outside the Box

Still in love with this poster from Felt & Wire Shop. The print is gorgeous. 
The company Scribble on Everything from Utah describes themselves as this

"There’s a saying in design. Actually, there are a bunch of sayings. And we don’t know any of them. We think that means something about us – but we’re just not sure what."

Love it. 

Hello Mother, Hello Father.

Do you remember this commercial? I randomly thought about it today and it is still the cutest thing ever.


I, like the rest of the world, love Polaroids. So, I've had my eye on these cameras from UrbanOutfitters.

I'm almost positive that this won't be happening, but it's still fun to window shop.

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Party don't Start 'till I walk in!

bandathon! bandathon! bandathon! I am party girl, that is all. It was so much fun! Lots of mosh pits, lots of swaying, lots of jumping up and down, and lawnmowering, and patty caking.....yup! Tony and I did the patty cake to the beat of just about every song. The best part hands down is the roll it and pat it part. Go band! Lots of good music that I belted out (one direction, hehe). Playing a little on Zach's ukulele, fun, one that actually works unlike my defected one! I looked just like a little French girl. hehe. Well, this is SUCH a scattered post because I'm still in a dancing mode! Can't wait for next bandathon! P.S. I ate all the broccoli single handed.

My purse dog. Sadly, she could not go to bandathon seeing as
how she doesn't play anything band. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012


the initial surprise
Here are some pictures from the surprise party we had for my friend Caylee on Wednesday!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Schmidt Diaries

New Girl Fans. Here's to you.
You can go online to and read the first 13 pages. Oh boy. 

Party in Progress

Today in Ampersand, August and I made the most hilarious party hats for a friends surprise party. It was outrageous fun. August, a nice new kid named Ryan, and I all worked on them together, we are basically geniuses and it's a little shocking that party city hasn't started carrying our hats even though we just launched the Fall 2012 line. We were given 2 year old newspaper and then we went to town. We tried to make every hat as "special" and "awkward" as possible. How'd we do?
beautiful August 

Can you find me in the forest of party hats?

This hat has a cut out from an insurance add that says
"I've got service yes I do"
it also has a picture of a man on it.

Ryan came up with this idea. This may be my favorite.
The newspaper had all this football stuff so with the picture of
three quarter backs, he made it look like one was grabbing the other.

A finished product post party.

90 degrees

This morning I was very rushed to get ready for school and I forgot my ring! My fingers felt all bare and strange. I looked at my friend Savannah who sits next to me and said almost exactly what I just said in the sentence above. So she took my hand, got her nifty purple marker and gave me a ring! Problem solved! It has a little 90 degrees in the "band" because in math the other day our teacher unintentionaly put a heart, you know the less then sign and a 3, on the board. And this inequality happened to make a right angle so we all were saying "I 90 degree you!" So Savannah put it on my ring. What a charmer, using that classic "math class humor" tactic. Love that girl!
you can see the remains of my purple math love ring

Parlez vous francais?

Today I spur of the moment joined French Club! It's no secret that I wish I were French; however, I was under the impression that you have to be taking the language of the club you wish to be a part of. Apparently though, I was wrong! Yay! So Marie and I went to French Club and I'm very glad I did. It was really fun and I can't wait! I told Marie that if they started speaking any hardcore French then she had to translate for me, but I'll get along all right. I suppose I'll brush up on the French I already know a little as to have a better understanding. One cool thing we talked about doing this year is singing the national anthem in French at a football game! Cool!

Monday, August 20, 2012

How to Dress

I don't know about you but I love tomboy style. So sometimes I try to dress as well as I can either like a french women or a sophisticated tomboy.

See more!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

DIY Parties

I have had an urge lately to make something and throw a party. If I could pinpoint why it'd probably be because of this party. I'm in love. Here's the deal, I don't actually have any reason to be doing this. But here are pretty homemade party hats anyways. And come my birthday time, expect amazing things. (Yes, one of those people who plans their birthday party before they've even had their half birthday [Friday!].)

So what am I wanting to do for my birthday you ask?

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Look it's for real! I didn't even lie to you! This is a picture I ran across on facebook from last night. Despite the fact I look miserable I was having a blast. (We were singing o's it's hard to look spectacular doing so.) I love how after every song we play we just go back into talking and I have this (corny it may be) feeling of 'wow, I just made music happen. That was me, no big deal'.
hehe I'm IN the band this season, not just a supporter!


Today was SkyZone day! After a quick choir rehearsal, we drove up to the Gwinett area and jumped around for about an hour. It was very fun and quite exhausting. SkyZone had this (unintentionally) hilarious safety video which you must see go to SkyZone. I'm expecting to see ginormous calves and quads after all that jumping!  But now I can check it off the bucket list!


Yours truely
See some awesome action shots after the break!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Oh, Awkward. We don't know that one. . .

      Today was the scrimmage! Translation: Band season is on! Also known as my first time playing in the stands as a saxophone! It was a blast. What a very good decision on my part to try and just go for the saxophone section. We were a little shaky on some things, such as umm, the national anthem. He'd said a few days before, 'I'm not sure if we'll be held responsible for this, but we should play it in case the man says, 'and now the marching band will be preforming the star spangled banner.'"
Waiting for us to play alma mater. Before we threw 'emm off!
      And that moment did come. "The marching band has been practicing very very hard so here they are to preform the star spangled banner." We all kind of laughed and awkwardly shuffled, and of course, it was awkward. But we made it through!

Then, at the very end, the cheerleaders and football team all came over to where the band stands in the stands and they all got ready for the Alma mater. And oh, yeah, never even sightread that one. It was really funny. So instead we started playing the fight song, That threw 'em off. Except for the football players didn't really get it because they stood in the same Alma mater position. Then, they apparently were still expecting us to play it so Mr. P. shewed them away. Oh, and P.S. we didn't win. 'I was surprised as you are!'

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The 1%

Sara told me the other day that it's proven that everybody but 1% of people erase their whole password if they think they mistype a character. I noticed that sadly, I am not a part of this elite 1%. I've been working on it though. For some strange reason, I really want to be part of that 1%, it's like a little club. A very special highly selective club. Just a random tidbit from me.

no, the other story.

Today in literature class we read parts of two different stories. The first story is an exert from a book about George Washington 'retiring' as president. We read the first section and have more for homework later. The other story was about a guy who lived on an island and hunted people for sport. The second story was a short story; however, I am a dreadfully slow reader, so I did not get to finish the reading in class unlike most of my class.

So, in band I asked Sara, "Hey how does that story from lit end?"
                       She said. "Oh well he swims around and then he climbs a tree and then he climbs in to that guys window and-"
                       I started giggling and cut her off by saying, "No! No! Not George Washington! The other story!"
   You may not think this is very funny, but it was and when you think about ancient George Washington doing all those things instead of running the country, the humor becomes quite evident.

This is the part where the pants fly away over Santorini

Well, today it happened. I was wondering (a lot) about how easily the ring would stay connected. I would look at it during class and consider when the decorative part would snap off the band. And the answer is August 15.
I was grabbing something and the top part just flew off and I looked down and gasped (a mighty gasp I might add). However, Mom is going to try to super-glue it back on. .. along with my broken barrette and earring. I know this looks bad on how I treat my things, but please understand, it's not my fault. So, if this were the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, this would be the part were the sisterhood is broken in terms of material items, but unlike in the series, we will 'find the pants/get my ring back to wearing condition'. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Roast! Roast! Roast! Roast!

Today in language arts, my teacher allowed us to pick out our own rules and consequences. We were split into tiny groups and we came brainstormed ideas. Then our ideas went with one group member to a another tiny group where they combined all our best suggestions. Next my friend Rexx presented the list in front of the class and our teacher made us vote on every single rule. We had a lot of good ideas like 'don't run with scissors' and 'smell good for others' but not everything passed (scissors didn't, smell did). Also 'follow the rules' was not passed as a rule....interesting.

One of my favorite ideas was the compliment sandwich. This means is you wish to criticize or insult a fellow classmate you have to first say a complement, then criticize and finally end with another complement. Sadly, this one did not pass as a rule, but it can be used as a personal decision.

Finally onto consequences, we had many great ideas. Think, brave card signatures (something we did in middle school, which would mean nothing in high school. And yes, yours truly came up with that one). A boy in my class tried to convince us spankings was a good investment, that one was shot down very very quickly. We finally decided on this set of rules that (yes, yes I know) I came up with.
In no particular order.

  1. Warning (in a gentle almost joking tone)
  2. Warning (firm serious tone)
  3. Talk with the teacher (in front of the class to embarrass that student)
  4. Private teacher decision
  5. A roast of the student
Now, you must be wondering, so let me explain number 5. The roast, yup, you read that right. Because our class all voted in favor my teacher said it was fine. Her comment was 'now this won't be bullying will it?' We all said of course not (of course). It's nothing more then a way to get that student back in line and a way for us to have fun. None of us can wait for the day that a child in my class will be roasted. Yippee for choosing your own rules!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Shark Week

Today is the first day of shark week. I am so physicked! I don't know what to do with myself.
Tonight 9 pm. Tune in or be square. 


I know I have posted a lot of videos lately, and I'm sorry. I'll try to stay away from those through out this week. But some things, some things just cannot be kept. For instance infomercials.
I personally like all of the golfing products a LOT! haha.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Whose Line is it Anyways?

Do you remember the old comedy show on ABC family? The other night I stumbled upon the video "Whose Line is it Anyways? Dr. Seuss Pick-up Lines". Of course, I couldn't stop there and discovered a whole slue of full length episodes. My one requirement, I can't watch the girl comedians. They are too annoying. Women should stay in the kitchen (hehe).
Dr. Seuss Pick-up Lines. 

I couldn't find any of the full episodes on my limited YouTube search bar in blogger, but here's the video that started my searching. 

P.S. I can't believe we used to watch this at the beach, we probably didn't understand a word of it!

Friday, August 10, 2012

I Don't Always Blog Things I've Seen on Other Blogs But,

I absolutely could not let another day go by without you seeing this video. I saw it today when I was checking others blogs and found a post on it from Sho and Tell. It is too too funny. Warning, contains a hilarious kid and a catchy song, plus Beyonce (you're girl crush and home girl). Happy Friday Mary Mason.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Today I Like Tomatoes.

I've never been opposed to tomato foods (salsa, ketchup), but I never really went for the actual tomato (yeah, one of those people). But recently I finally decided to try a tomato and I'm hooked. Of course, I'm just starting out on the tomato journey and tomorrow I may be completely over it. But as of right now, I'm in love. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tomorrow Will Be Kinder

I am hoping for a little better day tomorrow. Really starting school is always hard but once Friday football games get going and everything I think it will all be better. Ashley has kindly agreed to be my driver again tomorrow and we're probably going to ask if she can all year! It really helped not being just a car rider as a freshman or whatnot. Although, it was kind of awkward walking out to her car by myself when clearly I'm not driving age. haha...yet. Speaking of, Mom got me the Georgia drivers thing so I'm getting close! Back to subject, I know tomorrow will be kinder for one reason because I have band practice after school which I love. I get to see people I don't get to see during the day and I get to do things I enjoy. Hopefully it is neither humid nor hot though. Remember this song when band gets tough for you too.
Tomorrow Will Be Kinder by The Secret Sisters

No Swing, No Swing, Wayne Wayne.

It is a wonderfully stormy afternoon here in Georgia. Just thought I'd report the calming sounds. I love rain storms, and it sure is coming down. I hope it continues tonight! I always sleep so much more soundly when I fall asleep to thunder.

Rains in Asia by Jump, Little Children.

I Need a Nap

First day of school and last first day of school.

This is the picture of Ashley and I from this morning because she came and picked me up to go to school. Today was kind of whatever but most of all I'm exhausted. Math was cool, I have a good class and get to sit next to my friend Savannah! Yay! Then I had AP Gov which is okay. Ms. Sanders asked what you told me about her and I said that you said you were just glad you were done with high school. Next was Warrior Period. Boooooo! Mostly  it's just a bunch of people that I hate all in one room. All those boys who think they're so great are in my warrior period...whoopie. After that was over I had band. Which was great, we did nothing. Sara and I talked mostly with Emily and also with Sydney. Then we all had lunch. Which I have with a bunch of my friends but it was still stupid. We didn't all go to the same table so I had no one to talk to. Onto the last class of the day. Art. Art was terrible. I love art, you know that. But my class mostly consist of dip and smokers which is not cool and I have no one to talk to. I just kept thinking, 'great, I have this a whole semester.' Finally school was over but oh yeah, Ashley and I didn't have a plan for meeting up so she could take me home so I just kind of looked around super awkwardly in the commons area until I saw Heidi who called Ashley for me, who was sitting in her car. I can't say I'm really looking forward to tomorrow because I know it won't be much different. However I am looking forward to band practice because it's something I know and like. 
But thank you for your surprise when I got home!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

There's Nothing I Can Do

Tomorrow starts the beginning of an era. High school. I'm not really nervous, it just doesn't feel real. I'm a very real person and I am good about coming to terms with things, but I just can't get the idea of waking early and learning for whole another year into my brain. I'm not nervous, I'm not nostalgic, clearly something is wrong with me. *sigh*
1920's high school

Below is a picture of orchestra class!

1940's high school above cheer leading pictures and below is basketball pictures.

1950's high shool

1960's high school

1979...Notice that handsome lad in the corner of the page, his name is your father.
I believe this was his lowly freshman year but it might be sophomore.

And that cutie who thought it was a good idea to wear a giant bow on her shirt for picture day, is your mother. Also below she's shown in her cheer leading picture. The one on the pyramid to the right. 1984.

The 90's pictures are lame, so I'll just leave it at that. Wish me luck for a good day tomorrow!
P.S. Name that song.