Friday, January 11, 2013

Birthday Wishes: Hand Made T-shirt.

Much like my Christmas List, I've had a difficult time thinking up things I want to get for my birthday; however, today I ran across the site Hand Made T-shirts by Kenzie. This girl makes really cute and funny handmade shirts that look extremely comfortable!
"Boy scout says it's called
tomato sauce, not ketchup"

You say that you want a shirt and what size and then you find an about me section. There, you tell about yourself and she incorporates it into a shirt. How whimsical and hilarious! I love this idea for me (*hint hint*) and for friends presents. I would want Nicholas Cage in mine, obviously... I also love when she using the word 'whilst' and writes on the shirt what is going on. I also love when foxes and elephants wear suits and have eyeglasses on a chain.

Bear and mouse wearing propeller hats and holding hands"

"Harry Potter rides a deer over Russia"

"Indiana Jones does biology whilst
a dino eats a fish"

"Kurt Vonnegut eats baked goods and
reads a thesaurus"

"Cats play tennis in the sun whilst
sexy boy drinks wine"

"Kermit eats Ramm noodles and gets hit
by lightening"

"Happy Birthday Nature"

"Oh no, I've run out of pudding"

"Scary dog eats a bike"

"Sly eats ice cream and reads 'organic gardener'"

"Tigress sips her tea whilst petting tiger"

"Zebra reads a book and drinks chai"
"Lady Gaga rides a swan"
"Grug, Narwhal, and Lionel
Richie ponder the comos"

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  1. "Grug, Narwhal, and Lionel Richie ponder the cosmos."


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