Thursday, January 10, 2013

Feeling Smart: Listening to Music in Foreign Languages

Do you ever listen to music in a different language? I find it so relaxing and it sometimes increases my work speed. It makes sense because it just flows and I don't have to worry about learning the lyrics or listening for "what do they say there?" or "ooh this is my favourite part! I better stop everything to belt it out!". Today someone asked me why I like music when I don't understand and I answered simply: It makes me feel intelligent.

And it really does! Try it! If makes you feel like you should have "old friends from university" over to discuss literary classics, world travel, and my impressive vintage wine collection that blows them all away.

I used to think I'd be frustrated that I didn't understand what the artist was conveying. It's like going to a nail salon and knowing they're talking about you in they're native language. But most of the time you can actually catch on to the meaning because music is meant to fit the message. Besides if you really get frustrated, just look it up! Sometimes they have really sweet meanings!

It's funny because even though I don't understand the languages, I gravitate more towards French songs. Almost every time I've looked up the lyrics, the song was in French (with a Regina Spektor Slovenian exception).
Read some of my suggestions (and favourite translated pieces) after the jump!

Beirut-Le Moribond
The chorus says in French:

I want you to laugh                            Je veux qu'on rie
I wanna dance                                  Je veux qu'on danse
I wanna have fun like crazy               Je veux qu'on s'amuse comme des fous
I want you to laugh                           Je veux qu'on rie 
I wanna dance                                 Je veux qu'on danse 
When is that put me in the hole        Quand c'est qu'on me mettra dans le trou

Carla Bruni-Quelqu'un M'a Dit

Yet someone told me....                          Pourtant quelqu'un m'a dit...                             

That you still loved me                          Que tu m'aimais encore
This is someone who told me that          C'est quelqu'un qui m'a dit que 
you still loved me                                 Tu m'aimais encore
Is this possible?                                   Serait-ce possible alors?

Regina Spektor-Don't Leave Me [Ne Me Quitte Pas] (obviously this isn't all French, but it really got me into foreign songs and I love it. P.S. I sing this to people I fancy and it totally goes over their heads! haha)
Do not leave me                                             Ne me quitte pas
My dear                                                        Mon cher
Do not leave me                                            Ne me quitte pas

Lucienne Delyle-Les Quais De La Seine
A ribbon which runs                       Comme un ruban qui se déroule
The river flows and then goes          Le fleuve coule et puis s'en va
Only looking and quiet                   Le regardant seule et tranquille
Sulking city                                   Boudant la ville
I am still here                               Je reste là

Improvising                                   Improvisant         
My heart bohemian                        Mon coeur bohème
Sings a poem                                Chante un poème 
Grateful                                       Reconnaissant

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  1. love it!!! I encourage all of the getting to know all types of music! look up the Midnight in Paris soundtrack (and also the movie!)


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