Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My New Favourite Hang Out.

   Today in band Emily asked me if I was going straight home from school and I said no because I was going to get my physical in order to play tennis. She was like "oh never mind  but I was like "no come on! What were you going to say? Do you need a ride home?" And she was like "actually, I was going to get you to take me to the doctor".
"Which doctor?" And then she told me and I was like, "That's where I'm going! To get my physical!" Zach was getting his physical done for tennis and he left early from school so Emily needed me to take her there. Very funny. 
Emily, Zach, and I ended up hanging out in the waiting room together. 
After they left and it was my turn to go in my doctor remarked that she had just seen another tennis player and I was thinking "oh funny, that was Zach." Then when she did the little thing where she pushes on your belly she remarked, "your so calm! The person I just saw was so ticklish! He nearly fell off the table!" I was trying so hard not to laugh! 
So that's my little story for today and here's the lesson: if ever you need to go to the doctor, bring a friend, it makes the hour+ wait so much more bearable.

P.S. Passed my physical with flying colours and I'm all good to start playing! 

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