Sunday, January 13, 2013


Pickathon is musical festival (indie roots. Very bluegrassy and lovely) in Oregon outside of Portland. It takes place over a weekend on a farm that allows you to camp and hike and bike and travel to Portland and listen to amazing music in six different stages. I'm slightly obsessed with the idea and especially the music of past festivals. So, I, Parrish McWhorter, of sound body and sound mind declare this a part of my bucket list as of January 12, 2013. Want to join me?

Very scenic with beautiful snow capped mountain views....
in August.

If you go camping at the festival, they have various camping spots depending on kind of your personality. They have a Quiet Camping Zone for those who wish to sleep or be silent between 11-9. They also have two "jam zones" where campers can play music late into the night if they want to jam. Or, you can get a camp in your car pass and just stay there.

There are many hiking trails that are illuminated at night by different colour lights depending on the trail name! Ex. blue and green trail has blue and green lights lighting the way at night for a midnight stroll.

Also they have beer and wine gardens which is pretty cool. I can just tell that the atmosphere of this would be amazing!

They have the option to bike to camp from Portland. 
Let's go...Like now! This year. Already saving up! I'm thinking camping at Pickathon and then spend a few days in Portland and then home! What do you say?

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