Thursday, January 17, 2013

Resolutions: Learn to Hunt

Lately I've been really interested in hunting. No, it's not duck dynasty. I guess it's just because I've grown up with Dad hunting and I've always thought girls who hunt are pretty awesome. I guess I just assumed I'd learn at some time.
I also think that the draw of being out in nature and getting to travel to amazing places to see stunning creatures seems like a really good deal. And, you can sit high up in a tree if you'd like and I love heights. Another thing about the nature is how peaceful it is and how beautiful it can be. Sometimes Mom will get excited about a pretty sunrise or sunset and Dad will be like, 'you should see the sunrises in Arkansas when I go hunting!' You know what, I would like to see those.

So Father, teach me how to hunt please. And have a wonderful and successful hunt this weekend!

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