Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Modern-Day Classroom Environment

I've mentioned before that my class uses a site kind of like Facebook to turn in assignments and communicate and whatnot. Also, we get to write bios and have pictures and it has really shown our creativity. Here's some of my favourites. (for safety reasons and unknown school reasons I'll just keep it to first initals. Also I'm just putting the highlights.)
My friend J's black Jesus prof. pic. and info.

Activities: collecting my collection
Interests: Da ladies. cat collecting, taxidermy

My friend S's
Bio: Vegetarian; I sparkle.
Activities: sparkling, running through the woods, yelling at woof dude, killing my wife with a baby, suddenly leaving, fancy cars, watching you when you sleep, appearing psychosis stricken minds, being a myth, not tanning, punching cars, piano, being cold, starving, anorexia
Interests: I likes me some Bella.

Another friend J
Activities: Vampire hunting, Belly-button lint collecting, touching and smelling my rotten fish collection, buying a cat for every second that I have liked cats (which is a lot), listening to Total Eclipse of the Heart Literal Version, watching old ladies play bingo and shuffleboard.
Interests: cars that can only go backwards, making hover boards, speeeling tingus rong

My friend R
Bio: (Insert Love Story by Taylor Swift here)
Activities: Being pretty fly for a "white guy", seal clubbing, making your mom jokes

Another friend J
Bio: Bears. Beats. Battlestar Galactica.

My friend A
Bio: My name is Captain Insano. I show no mercy and I am a great tutor to the waterboy.

My friend M
Bio: I am Fabio, and I am fabulous. I enjoy fast cars, fast boats, fast helicopters, fast planes, and slow, passionate love.
Activities: Me, me, myself, my body, my sexy pec-sys, and my abs
Interests: Working out, making women swoon, being better then Justin Bieber, eating low-fat bagels.

And yours truly
Bio: I do love the Gadsden Purchase.
       I love cats, but I can't eat a whole one.
       I don't do coke, I don't drink bourbon, all I wanna do is shake my turban. 
       I have many leather bound books. My apartment smells of rich mahogany.
Activities: woodworking, breeding Siberian tigers with my girl scout troop, marching taxidermist of America, Hidden Valley Ranch salad eating champion '05; '06; '07; and '10; '12.
Interests: Lil' Sebastian, ancient Chinese poetry, bagpipe judging.

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  1. You're having WAY to much fun at school! You're doing it wrong!


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