Monday, April 8, 2013

The Birthday Debacle of '13.

Normally I am a supreme gift giver. I love knowing exactly what to get a friend and all the cute reasons I chose the gift I did. Gift giving is my thing. It's my jam. I love it. 

However, I'm on the struggle bus right now. My best friend is turning 15 and I have some ideas stirring around but nothing seems good enough for her.

Last year for her birthday, she took me and three other friends to a hotel in Atlanta. We had a blast and obviously, that can't be duplicated. So she was trying to think of ways to top that last party and we finally had to say, "it just can't be done, but anything you choose will be fun and special, no matter how extreme". Our advice to her makes me think of in Dan in Real Life and he says, "I think somebody hasn't been reading his own column." Should the advice I gave her be given to me as well? Is there no way for me to top other great gifts I've given, or the gift she gave me? What a pickle. 

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