Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Lost Songs.

Jess and I had lunch on Sunday and we jammed to Ingird Michaelson. We got to talking about her musical progression and her albums. Our favourite has disappeared though. 

Maybe Ingrid Michaelson decided to take it back? (It's not on her website anymore and was her first album release). I'm not sure. But it was my very favourite, and still is, and if you find it anywhere ever, bring it to me!!! :) I miss it so much! Here's what I can find, that I loved, on YouTube. 
Morning Lullabies
I'll See You in my Dreams

Let Go

Around You (probably my favourite)


  1. I was just thinking about Ingrid today! Love her!! What cover are you talking about?

    1. The cover at the top that says slow the rain and she's in a yellow floppy hat and green tank


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