Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Proposition.

Gigi and J.R. offered to either give me a shopping day at Belks or new custom shoes. 
Tough (and generous) choices!!
Here's what I'm thinking...
Georgia Chacos

Auburn Chacos

Random Tennis/Running Shoes

Oconee Tennis/Running Shoes

Tennis Shoes
    -Closed toe for various adventures that call for this
    -My old tennis shoes are falling apart
    -Running AND tennis
    -Band camp and practice
    -Will I look like one of those people who thinks she's so good and professional and needs the best shoes, I mean come on, what a faker. 
   -I don't wear tennis shoes with regular clothes
   -Favourite shoe
   -I dream about custom chacos
   -My pair is getting older
   -Multiple patterns!!!
   -I wear Chacos like everyday of the year that I can
   -Good for various activities I do
   -Could wear to football games (which team!) and anywhere else too!
   -Already have a pair
Well.... it's up to you now I guess! And the probably like twelve other people I'll end up asking. :)
But your opinion is important! Please let me know all your thoughts!
P.S. I really want these too....

1 comment:

  1. THOSE NIKE DANCE SHOES THOUGH. I WANT!!! I say go for the tennis shoes! I bet your chacs have a few more years in them...go for the sneakers you little faker!


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