Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hey there Booger!

I always am so annoyed at how boring and lame summer break is before everything gets going. This year, I've been trying to do a little something everyday so that I have the right amount of entertainment and the right amount of down time each day. 

Because I refuse to use FaceBook on my phone (just one of my little quirks) and I rarely remember to plug my phone to my computer to transfer evidence of my excursions, I've gotten used to posting little nuggets to Instagram. 

And because you are a booger and refuse to use ANY internet on your phone, you're left wondering..."what is my dear dear sister up to these days?"

Well, here you go. I've taken some of my recent instagram goodness and put it right here for you!

Driving the mustang with Dad!

J.R. and Gigi took me shopping and J.R. found this sign 

Dad and I went to see Pierce play little league. I asked for a picture with him
and Sadie and he got out his bat because he wanted a "baseball pose"

Today, Mom and I decided to "treat yo self!" We went to the American Girl Bistro
and then visited Tripp, Amanda, Keigh, and Paige at Graham and Amanda's new house!
I drove all the way home including through busy Atlanta traffic Wheeeeeee!
I hope camp is going well for you while I try to stay busy down here! :)

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