Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Big Kahuna.

Because I'm a total nerd....
I love the giant The Best 377 Colleges book you got me!
So, I have marked about a gillion colleges I'm into. I think I'll highlight a few here. Bear with me. 
Bear Women

As you know, ever since I was little finding the perfect-fit-college has been my goal. I'm still not sure how this originated or how I became such a little geek burger, but just embrace it right man?

If there was an assignment I didn't want to do in first grade I'd huff my breath or heavily sigh and think, "you have to do this if you want to go to college!" Too bad I don't exactly have that same determination. (It's good enough though). 
Is anyone else as excited?

And WOW! Getting closer to the day I choose which university to grace my presence with! ;) I'm done with my first year of high school and boy was that quick! For real, I know you disagree but golly pete! Speedy Gonzalez! So here goes my college search! 

Hone Bear Women and put up with me because this is sadly one of my favourite things to daydream about. 

Noelle: What's up next for you?
Daphne: The dessert. It's a selection of sorbes.
Noelle: No, I mean where are you going to college?
Daphne: Oh, that would be the University of the Undecided.
Noelle: Is that in Ohio?
Daphne: Yeah. Undecided Ohio.

(What a Girl Wants)

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