Thursday, May 30, 2013

The SunDevils.

As previously mentioned, here I go with college interests (alphabetically). First up!
Arizona State University
Most important things first....
Mascot: Sundevil
State: Can you guess....?
City: Tempe 
Close cities: Mesa (5 mi); Scottsdale (7 mi); Phoenix (10 mi); Glendale (18 mi); Tucson (100 mi)
Marching Band: Yes! 

My fabulous college book helped spark my interest as well as the fantastic blogger, Angela Hardison, who went there and whose blog I'm slightly obsessed with. She was plugged into the design-y programs and seems to be doing well and has beautiful products so the programs must be pretty good! 

Here's what my book said (actual quotes by students) that engaged my interest (+other things I like):

  • "'Campus life is amazing. There is always  something to do, someone to hang out with, or places to be,' adding, 'The weather is nice enough to sit outside and study a lot.'"
  • "'The overall culture is very Southern California,' but 'The west side of campus has more of a Portland feel, which is more individual and artsy.'"
  • "...and the typical student is 'laid-back but invested in their future.'"
  • "'Tempe is great  if you're in college,' and 'Tempe has many fun activities both indoors and outdoors, depending on the weather! From hiking to biking, all kinds of sports, going downtown and being around the museums and history, to having a good time hanging out with friends on Mill Avenue.'"
  • Location, location, location
  • School sounds a little like Georgia (at least social aspects)
  • High 'Green Rating' (99) which for some reason I seem really interested in..
Beautiful Tempe.

Mill Avenue... It looks so dreamy!

Mill Ave

Things that worry me about ASU:
  • "the large auditorium classes are an absolute joke."
  • "ASU should concentrate on renovating old buildings, which are falling apart"
  • "inconsistent air conditioning during the hottest months."
  • "needs to 'improve in advising and the overall process of changing a major,' and some say, 'The red tape can be very frustrating, especially as a new student.'"

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