Monday, June 24, 2013

Barnard College.

Barnard College has caught my eye for a number of reasons..

Barnard is an all women's college in New York City. It is partnered with Columbia University and is like a part of Columbia. 

-"a small school feel with big school resources and incorporates both campus and city life"
-"on a (gated) main campus, the school maintains and 'independent spirit' while providing a 'nurturing environment' and its partnership with a larger research university gives it the 'best of both worlds' and affords its students the opportunities, course options, and resources that many colleges don't have"
-"The administration gets thumbs-up nearly across the board for their accessibility and compassion for students" 
-"Life at Barnard is probably sixty to seventy-five percent academic and around twenty-five to forty percent free."

So that is that. There's something there that I really want to be a part of. (New York, New York).

Oh. P.S. Lauren Graham went there. Yup. :)

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