Friday, July 19, 2013

Dangling Earrings.

I have such trouble finding cute dangling earrings that I want to wear! I think too many years of having braces has made me self-conscious about the amount of metal hanging on or around my face. 

I love wearing dangling earrings and my friends always have cute pairs but I have just one. Of course I love them, but I like having options. Here are some cute ones I would enjoy having!
If I were bold enough. $19.99
These too. $19.99

Via Etsy $15

OBSESSED! $12.99

Modcloth $9.99

Modcloth $16.99

Modcloth $11.99
From Modcloth $11.99

Modcloth $17.99

And as always....
I love rockin' those studs. 

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