Monday, July 29, 2013

It's baaaaaack!

Band camp was all last week. 

I'm smiling in the back left while learning charts :)
  It WORE ME OUT! but of course was somehow a blast amongst the blood, sweat, and tears (wait no, just sweat). 
Warm ups
Beach day :)
I'm super pumped about my section this year. Last year was fun but it somehow feels different this year. The saxophones are THE STUFF! I have a good feeling about this year! (Band wise at least).

This year we learned way more of our show then we normally do and got a lot of great work done! Although I hate West Side Story, I'm looking forward to our show. It is still band after all. The music is very catchy and I can't wait to get into dance fights! I pity the fool who can't snap like the Sharks and the Jets!

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