Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Where my Wisdom at?

Sorry for my absence! I've been going going going! And now that I have a little sliver of relaxation....I'm in recovery from getting out my wisdom teeth! Wahoo. 

My wisdom teeth hath graduated. 

It really hasn't been that bad though. I had another oral surgery in third grade that was much much worse. Also, being younger I had a lower level of pain tolerance. 

I didn't do anything weird while on the medicine. I guess I'm used to it (haha totally kidding). Maybe I'm just too stubborn or practical. I remember being frustrated that the nurse was walking me out. I was thinking "goodness I still know how to walk! Lay off lady!" haha. In my defense, Mom said she picked up on the lady having a tude as well. 

Emily came over the day before I had my wisdom teeth removed and she brought me ice cream, chocolate pudding and a hilarious sympathy card. She has been coming over and watching Gilmore Girls (we're on season 3) to help me recover. 

Emily's been great, however, my main man is Charlie. Little doctor Charlie has been sweet as can be and cute as ever! So that's me right now. 

I'd say the worst part about this is the fact that I had to break my only drinking water during the summer thing. Apparently Coke is good for something or the other. Boo. 

My cheeks didn't swell initially, but now that they have...they sure have. I look like a little chipmunk and I told Emily, "yeah this is what my face looked like in middle school!" hehe. 
I also kind of resemble Raven in that episode of "That's So Raven" where she has the allergic reaction on the cooking show. :)

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