Monday, August 19, 2013


Energetic, yet reserved kittens.
Today someone told a good friend of mine "you have a lot of energy" which lead us into a huge discussion. 

Is telling someone that they have a lot of energy positive or negative? Ultimately, like everything else in the world, I think it depends on tone. This could be said snarkily and sarcastically or it could be said in fascination and admiration. 
Here's where we landed:
  • One for insult
  • One friend brought up the point that saying it can make a person seem immature and/or negative
  • I said that even without the intention, it often ends up belittling or condescending to a person
  • One friend thinks it's indifferent. She argues that it was merely an observation. 
What do you think? Roll it around a little. Use it in different situations  How does it sound now? Kinda weird right? Happy Monday to those with varying degrees of energy! 

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