Monday, August 26, 2013

Gimme Some More'ah That.

We listened to this bumpin' French song today and it was maybe the best part of my day....other than that. ça va mal. :( I'm a little sick. Wahh boo bluh!!!

I also learned how to say "J'ai deux mères." meaning: "I have two mothers." I figured that all out on my lonesome :)

Inspired by one of my favourite Gilmore Girls moments:
LUKE: Hey there Damon.

DAMON: My mother’s a lesbian.

LUKE: Oh. [Pause] I brought my tools.

and later....

DAMON: Do you know any lesbians?

LUKE: Uh, uh, sure, I do.

DAMON: How many?

LUKE: Three, maybe four.

DAMON: Maybe four?

LUKE: Well, waiting on confirmation.

DAMON: I like lesbians.

LUKE: Yeah, they’re, they’re swell.

Aussi: "Charlie est mon chiot frère." meaning: Also, "Charlie is my puppy brother."
So clearly, French is going trés bein! 
Aussi, Leighton is going to start being my French tutor! Yippe!

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