Thursday, August 22, 2013

John French is my Homeboy.

 I've really loved the local band John French and the Bastilles ever since I heard theire stuff last summer.

 Well, I tried to order that beautiful shirt above and it never came in the time it said it would, so...I took action and wrote my local congressman and email asking where it was. I got a refund because apparently the site did not update and take this sale off like it was supposed :( so the shirts were all sold out. Next thing I know, I get a separate e-mail from John French himself. I was a little starstruck. hehe. Anyways he was like "I can send you some signed lyrics or the new cd for free" and I was like "wow! That's so generous! What happened to your old cd?"
 So, my new pen-pal, John French, gave me all of their old music that you can't find anymore! Awesome! I've been jamming the past few days.
So uh, totally no big deal. haha. 
Oh. But I still want the shirt if it ever comes back on sale (he said it might sometime). :)

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  1. What the hec????? Why is your life perfect!?!?!?!?!


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