Monday, September 9, 2013

Bennington College.

I realized I haven't done a college post in a while. So here we go. Up next is Bennington College.

Bennington College is a private liberal college up in Bennington, Vermont. Bennington is apparently a super cute little town, and by the looks of it, that sounds pretty accurate. 

One really cool thing that caught my eye was that instead of living in dorms, the dorms are houses! (It also received the rating "dorms are like palaces".)
Bennington has a "Field-Work Program" which requires an internship every year. Students supposedly LOVE this because it provides them with great experience and filling for job applications. This is basically like college work-based-learning. 

Bennington also allows students to pick their courses completely. They do not have core classes and they let you pick what you care to study. This allows students who are unsure to test out many different fields and it allows students who are sure to jump right in to what they want to learn. My book says that lectures are kept on the minimum and discussions are greatly encouraged. It also highlighted that the professors are highly accessible and knowledgeable. 
Look how beautiful!

The theater program is said to be extraordinary  which definitely goes on the pros column according to Gilmore Girls. Music and the arts are celebrated here and the students go and support each other at different events (awww). 

It said students mostly hang around the little town, but that on weekends, some students drive the almost 3.5 hour drive to Boston, or the 3 hour 45 minute drive into New York City. Woof. Another option though, are beautiful hiking trails. Yippe! Check out those mountains! 

So basically, this is a hipster school. Okay. I'm in. haha. 

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