Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Indie Craft Parade: Quatre.

Fourth annual Indie Craft Parade. My personal Christmas. My favourite day of the year. 
You see, it went like this:

Homemade doggie treats. Aww. The calendar cookie says "treatday" by BrixTix Bakery for Dogs .
Tiens! C'est ma mere! 
Paige, Mom, and I. (Sorry for that jank lookin' eye. EYE'm afraid I'm having some bummer probs with it. :( .)

Orange Creme Popsicle from King of Pops. Yum! 

Oh Greenville. Your beauty and cheer draw me in every time! 

It's like a rule that everything in Greenville must be aesthetically presented. I couldn't help but be dorky and take pictures of Mom and Paige's Lazy Goat lunch! 

And I got myself a warm stuffed turkey and swiss croissant because that is what dreams are made of. I sometimes fantasize about the next opportunity to eat one. These lifechangers are from O Cha. 

I bought a cute pair of earrings by the vendor Acorn + Archer and she was super cool. She had a system where she'd put your picture on Instagram if you made a purchase. The description says "I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say the average Acorn + Archer customer is brunette, cute, has great style, and is 26 give or take a few years." Hmm..Brunette? Check. Cute? Obviously (haha). Great style? Oh stop! You're too kind! 26 give or take a few years? Umm, 11 years. Try taking 11 years. It's so strange now that people can't really guess my age and they take me seriously in a store! haha! Do you remember having suddenly transitioned to where people don't talk to you like a kid or guess you're in your early twenties?

So here's the loot :)
Paige bought me this individual pie via Marvelous Pies. Aww and yumm! 
I bought this tote for my good friend Savannah's birthday because she is obsessed with mermaids! (PerlaAnne)
It's meow or never tote for Emily's birthday and felt garland to "treat yo self". (Jennifer Lesley Design)

Orange wood striped earrings and a Mason Jar pin for my backpack and me. (Neogranny)

Chat earrings from January Jewelry. This was one of my favourite booths. I could have bought everything here. 
The wood earrings previously referenced. :)
Oh. And. Best surprise ever. They had a Tattly dispenser for a quarter per tattoo!!!
This shop was my very favourite. It combined nearly all of my favourite things. I told the vendors that it was like they looked in my mind and created a collection just for me! 
AND they took off $10 and threw in two extra little cards! (by the otters holding hands). I love you so much Paper-Sparrow!

Oh and this. Obviously...
Maybe next year you'll get to come along too! I missed you as always! 

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  1. What the heck?!!??! This looks amazing and perfect and why didn't I see this sooner and AHHHHH


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