Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Spirit Babies.

The saxophones won the spirit hat for the first time! This is an extra honor because it means that we've been the most spirited from band camp up to the first game (and beyond). And I have to say, we totally deserved it. I LOVE MY SECTION THIS YEAR!!!

Here's what we did. 

(Right to left) Itcsha boy Tony! Itscha girl Christina (top) and Itscha boy Marky Mark (bottom). 
 (left to right) Itscha boy Benji! Itscha girl Karena! and Itscha boy Douggy T!
Itcsha boy Matt!

 (left to right) Itscha girl Lauren! Itscha boy Kelton and Itscha girl Emma!
and the very cutest and very left....Itscha girl Parrish! (sorry for the poor quality of this picture!) 
Have a spirited day! 

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