Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What Defines You?

Don't worry, this post is not near as deep as the title sounds! 

Have you ever read the bios of writers on HelloGiggles? They are a riot (in the best way)! As Junie B. Jones would say, "what a hoot!"

I always use the same "I do love the Gadsden Purchase", which will more likely than not, be my senior quote. 

Here's a few of the bios and probably a piece of work that is without a doubt equally entertaining. 

Albertina Rizzo
Albertina is a writer and author of some super casual books that are fun to flip-through on the toilet. She was born and raised in New York City. You can follow her onTwitter and learn absolutely nothing of value to you or your family.

A Word About Cupcakes

Aleesha Koersen
Aleesha is a tea enthusiast from southern Alberta, who spends too much money on Starbucks and $5 movies from Walmart. Attempting to incorporate musical moments in to her life is a daily routine. She loves A Very Potter Musical, the smell of old books and the Vancouver Canucks.
Taking Selfies is Awkward...Trust Me

Ada Ruzer
Ada (pronounced like PRADA) Ruzer lives in Oakland and and loves all the crazy that comes with it. She is fantastic at remembering pointless facts and hopes to kick it with Alex Trebeck on Jeopardy one day. You can most often find her roaming the aisles of whole foods, falling off her bike, or infusing conversations with corny puns.

Ali Ashbaker
Ali Ashbaker spends her days attending The Roseanne Conner School of Housewifery, working on her cookbookNacho Cheese - 100 Ways and mastering impractical, purposeless skills that will never help her in adult life, like yodeling.

Alicia Malone
Alicia Malone is a movie geek, TV host, entertainment reporter, writer and spectacular robot dancer. Born in Australia, Alicia moved her exotic accent to Los Angeles in 2011 to work for Aussie and US TV, covering film premieres, reviewing movies, interviewing film stars, hugging hunky male celebrities and generally being inappropriate towards Jake Gyllenhaal. You can't blame a girl for trying.

Alison Vingiano
Alison Griffin Vingiano is a writer, journalist and performer. She has lived on 5 continents, traveled to 18 countries, and now resides in Brooklyn with her best friend, and a weird guy from Craigslist. She writes 47 Women (, a web project in which she interviews women at each age increment between 18-65. When she's not writing, Alison is performing comedy throughout NYC or eating tacos. For a good time you can follow her on twitter at @agvnotes. She is excited to meet you! How I Learned to Shave my Legs

Amil Niazi
Amil Niazi is a writer, producer and full-time Bejeweled Blitz-er. Her 2013 catchphrase alternates between "live a little" and "drop dead." She lives in Toronto with at least two or three dying plants.

Andrea Greb
Andrea Greb has spent nearly a decade trying to figure out if she’s a Carrie or a Miranda.  She daylights as a rocket scientist and pursues her secret passion of writing in her spare time.  She enjoys running, baking and hanging out with Blair (her cat, not the Gossip Girl character, though she thinks she would enjoy the latter were she not fictional).  

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