Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Everybody at the Competition Knows the Definition of our Band and it's one Word: Swag.

Title inspiration: this little rap that we kept chanting. NBD.
We had our first band competition of the year this past Saturday! It went so well! We completely dominated our division taking all first place and second place overall with the colorguard taking first overall!

 This was a unique competition because we got to preform twice: prelims and finals. The energy before and during the finals performance was so palpable and unbelievable. What an awesome group I get to be a part of! (P.S. these pictures are form our amazing, supportive band parents! They are a blessing.)

I'm the third sax in from the right :)

What up. Dat's me on the very end of the company front! 

Emily had my neck completely occupied in a hug but I was determined to be in this picture, so that's why I appear to be just a head. 

Saxy people doin what we do and bein saxy while doin it. 

Oh hey.

My beautiful friend Emily with our giant trophy! 

I photobombed this. 

What my section's backsides look like while we warm up. 

Hardware with our officers. 

Makin' Tyra proud by smiling with our eyes. 

That's my hand. I know because it's next to Karena's....

Sometimes I like to try to be the trumpet's mascot. 

These pictures are so awesome. Eek! Can't wait to clean up some more and really knock their socks off at our last competition in two weeks! Go band!

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